Saturday, November 12, 2011

CityRail First Aid Officers in Western Sydney - Where Are They?

What happened in front me the other day could have happened to you or any other commuters that are waiting for their transport to arrive:

Here I was on Parramatta Train Station heading home in the afternoon, when I was standing near a pole and a young lady was trying to pass between and the pole to get passed, was undecided which way to go as these was 'chock-a-block' standing commuters everywhere,when all of a sudden she collapsed in front of me and fainted. I called out for medical assistance and one man came - knocked on the platform form of the station and made the station assistant aware of the situation. As I have  no first aid experience - people didn't move away from where she was - which was a a common passageway and entrance  way to enter trains.

I then left the area as Station Assistants and suddenly, two Transit Officers came to her aid - I moved away allowing clearance and went speaking to a lady I knew - Later I discovered the lady collapsed as she wanted to relief herself and could find the ladies toilets. She was eventually taken away and carried for better medical attention. My question is if this happens how quick would Cityrail First Aid Officers Arrive?

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