Monday, September 5, 2011

Suggestions For Barriers at Parramatta Train Station

Jeanette from St Claire - travels to and from St Marys to Parramatta on working days has suggested an easier way of ensuring there id less commuter congestion entering and leaving the concourse of the train station.

It is such an easy idea, simple and yet it can work and should work. What the suggestion is will make less commuters bump into each other accidentally. That is,  at the barriers on the western side only have one section of barriers "Entering' (left or right side) and the other side for existing.

At present we have sometimes 2 barriers  'Entering' on the right side and the other four to five other barriers going out, in the afternoon. Sometimes one breaks down or one commuters loses ticket in the machine and then they are calling the station assistants to locate them ,we are then down to one barrier. Jeanette's idea is a good idea and  a lot of good people from Western Sydney have a lot of good ideas as well.

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