Friday, September 30, 2011

Pre-plan Public Transport in New Estates

This opinion peice was sent to WSPTU by Kimberly Howell, a Master of Architecture student at UTS.

Can I have a train with that?

New housing is supplied to house the city’s growing population, that’s great. But what about the other factors involved in taking care of the city’s growing population leading to a sustainable Sydney?Transport, Culture, Design, Environment, Community and Governance.

Governments need to pre-plan public transport. But how do they do that?

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  1. Comment from Paul:
    Yes, good point- but my humble opinion is that some thought needs to be given to the cost of infrastructure to serve these growth areas. These growth areas are not catering for first home buyers as the media would have us believe. Mostly second and third home buyers buy these properties... The real question as posed by Kimberly is how do we finance rail infrastructure. If a participatory budgeting system was used, the costs and trade offs could be openly discussed. e.g. would you trade a highway extension for a bus rapid transit system on an existing road? Worth a look anyway.

  2. Comment from Hugh:
    Yes here's an interesting paper which supports what Paul is saying:
    Demographics and transport choices of new households on Melbourne’s urban fringe.
    Edward Shin and Christina Inbakaran

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