Monday, June 6, 2011

Problems Planning the North West Rail Link?

The SMH says that there are problems with the proposed plan to run all North West Rail Link trains through Epping and Chatswood. The article proposes that some trains should run via Epping and Strathfield.
Read the article here

WSPTU hopes to be able to offer some commentary on these issues soon.

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  1. A few points deserve the community's, and WSPTU's, attention.

    1 - Is it indicative of the transport planning in this state, that a political party
    decides which new rail lines are to be built (in this case, the Liberals,and the
    North West Line), then the agencies have to work out how to best absorb the new
    train services into the railway network, which is already stretched to the limit of
    its capacity at many points during peak hours?

    2 - Would this cart-before-horse scenario be acceptable in any other aparently
    civilised city in the world?

    3 - Is this a professional, and efficient way, to develop the city's rail network?

    4 - Where is the necessary commitment to a cross-harbour line, which is required, to
    make the North-West / City / South-West route work properly?

    5 - how can the resulting compromise in train running be anything like what is
    needed by the community, as opposed to what is possible under the constraints?

    6 - Why does the community have to rely on the "Herald", good as it is, to engage in
    this transport development debate?

    7 - Is anything likely to change?

    Kevin Eadie


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