Monday, June 6, 2011

Are Transit Officers For Checking Tickets More Than Safety?

Should Transit Officers be primarily involved with checking tickets or providing security on trains? The answer to this question will obviously effect the way in which Transit Officers are deployed. WSPTU members, and others surveyed, consistently mention the need to improve personal safety on CityRail services, particularly at night.

This story from the SMH says that Transit Officers have been told to spend more time checking tickets. Click here for the story.

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  1. Not just on the trains. I use the North-West T-Way everyday to go to Parramatta and home again. For the last 2 weeks, every morning at a particular stop. Four NSW Transport officers get on and check everyones tickets. Why 4? They mainly pick on the students to see if they can produce a student card because they have been issued a student ticket by the driver. Wastes everyones time, every morning and afternoon. Occassionally is fine though. I have also seen them regularly waiting at the bus stops at Parramatta station and trying to catch students as they get off the bus, and if they caoont show their bus ticket or student card, they get an infringement. Bit of a joke really. Waste of resources. Only one or two officers are required, not in groups of 4.


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