Monday, May 31, 2010

Railway History and Reconciliation Road Extension

This interesting peice was sent to WSPTU from Kevin Eadie at Action For Public Transport (APT NSW).

Reconciliation Road Extension

I note that earthworks for the southern extension of Reconciliation Road through Boral's Prospect Quarry currently end abruptly at the Liverpool-Parramatta Transitway. Thank you for the information that the further southern extension will involve a signalised intersection with Davis Road.

To reach Davis Road, the extension of Reconciliation Rd must obviously cross the Tway, the water supply pielines, and Prospect Creek.

My prime interest is the preservation of the remains of the timber trestle railway bridge, including approach embankments, abutments, three or four "skew" piers, and associated civil works, which carried the Widemere Quarry Railway across Prospect Creek. The remains lie directly in the path of the road extenson, approximately twenty metres west of the Widemere Rd crossing of Prospect Creek.

The railway was operational between about 1925 and 1945. At least one report on the history of the railway claims that all remains have been destroyed. This is clearly not the case. I understand that a heritage assessment regarding the trestle remains was prepared for the environmental impact statement leading up to the construction of the Transitway in about 2002, but I have not seen that documentation.

I would like to know how the current plans allow for Reconcilliation Road to cross the T-way, the water pipelines, and Prospect Creek and whether the trestle remains are to be protected.

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