Thursday, May 27, 2010

'The Gap' and the Bus Network Review

Many of the entries on this Blog, and the associated links, are about people who are unhappy with changes to the bus network which have made it harder for them to catch the bus. Western Sydney Community Forum has written a discussion paper about this and they have called the problem 'The Gap'.

'The Gap'

As the Bus Reform (the Bus Network Review) process has progressed, putting an emphasis on faster, more direct bus services which do not circulate through the suburban side-streets as much as they did previously, there has been an outcry from many older people who are feeling the effects of this as social exclusion because their bus routes have changed and they can no longer access the services they once enjoyed. They resent having a service taken away and often feel neglected by the Government and services providers - as if they ‘don’t count’ anymore.

Click here to read the paper (2 pages long).

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