Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MyZone Ticketing - A Great Day For Public Transport Users In Western Sydney

The WSPTU says that the new MyZone ticketing is an excellent step towards an integrated ticketing system in Sydney and provides valuable new public transport ticketing products for the people of Western Sydney at very good prices.

For the first time, this is a system-wide, zone-based approach, to integrate public transport fares (not just the ticketing) for all people in Sydney. This enables the public transport system to compete more effectively with the private car for flexibility, convenience and value; particularly in Western Sydney, South Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

The MyBus Travel Ten tickets will now be available for everybody, including people using the private bus system, and with discounts of 20% because it is a multiple trip purchase. The MyBus Travel Ten has no time restrictions. The MyBus Travel Ten will overcome the lack of flexibility which devalues the current weekly bus tickets available on the private bus system.

The $57 cap on the MyZone Multi ticket is fantastic value for long-distance commuters in the outer parts of Sydney and is a real enabler for people to broaden their range of job opportunities. The fact that it does not limit mode-changes is a real breakthrough change to the system in Western Sydney.

These new tickets are also very likely to benefit low-income people and people with busy families because they will be able to take advantage of the flexibility, unlimited changes of mode and discounts available in the MyZone Multi tickets and the MyBus Travel Ten tickets. In fact, most daily trips that people take are for journeys that are not related to work and these, more flexible, MyZone tickets will help with these journeys, more effectively competing with the choice to use a private car.

For the Future

WSPTU suggests that MyZone Multi tickets be made available for use in Zones 2 and 3 alone or combined. For people travelling locally, near home for reasons other than work (the majority of trips taken), a MyZone Multi for use in Zone 3 or 2 would be very useful.

The recent update on the State Plan sets targets for getting people into the Western Sydney regional cities of Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith by public transport (15%, 50% and 20%). A MyZone 2 or 3 would encourage people to work in these regional cities. To reach the State Plan targets and to get good sustainability outcomes a MyZone Multi 2 or 3 would be a great addition to the new MyZone ticketing system.

It would also be worth considering incorporating the light-rail, monorail and private ferry system into the MyZone ticketing system, particularly if the light-rail system is expanded into other parts of Sydney.

To see a more detailed WSPTU analysis; click here

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  1. public transport in Sydney has another facet, which I didn't know of till my mates in Contagious introduced me to it - Cabbie-oke. I voted on 4 or 5 of their vids. Letsee if I can win that Nokia E71.. lol


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