Monday, February 1, 2010

MyZone - New Public Transport Tickets, Coming April 18

Today, the NSW State Government released a set of new tickets for the public transport system in Sydney to commence on April 18. See the information and all the ticket options here:

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  1. MyZone is a great idea. I think the best parts of the system are that you can use travel tens on public and private buses interchangeably.

    The other great thing is that it is one step closer to integrated ticketing. In starting the simplification of the ticket structure it will hopefully make it easier to transition to the new system in 2014, but giving people in Western Sydney a better financial incentive to use public transport.

    I'd also like to flag the issue of student fares, as the new MyMulti tickets do not exist for students as periodicals.

    This should be addressed as student who have been using the school passes have already learnt how to use public transport, should be encourage to keeping using it.


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