Friday, November 20, 2009

Victory For Residents

Here are excerpts from an article in the Penrith Press by Nicole Hasham. Susan Day and the South Penrith Action Group are members of the WSPTU.

Susan Day of the South Penrith Action Group, which spearheaded the community campaign, said “people power” meant authorities had reversed plans to scrap four important routes.

“We held meetings and forums and lobbied hard to keep services, and they’ve listened to us - they had no choice,” Ms Day said.

“But Glenmore Park seems to have missed out and St Marys has lost services”

But Warragamba’s Lori Jeromin was left fuming after south-bound services from Penrith were slashed.

“There’s one bus at 9am and not another one until 2pm - it’s really shocking,” said Ms Jeromin.

Many older Warragamba residents had been left housebound by the changes, she said.

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