Friday, November 27, 2009

Safe Alternative Transport (SAT) for Young People

Youth Safe have released a report describing the Safe Alternative Transport (SAT) schemes that are running in New South Wales. They also provide advice and tips for people who are thinking about running a SAT scheme.

These schemes are primarily focussed on getting young people home after social events and are particularly helpful in outer metropolitan and rural areas. There are two main target groups; school-aged young people getting home from officially sanctioned events, such as a youth centre event, and over-18 year olds who are needing to get home from the city or towns after a night of socialising at licenced premisis.

A video produced by Youth Safe showed the experiences of young people, after a night, out trying to get home during the 'dead-zone' time between midnight and 5am. The video reminded us of how dangerous this can be for young people and the risks that they take to get home.

There are a number of projects that are now being supported by local 'Liquor Accord' groups. These Liquor Accord groups are usually comprised of local licenced venue operators, local police, local council and local community sector organsations.

To look at the report go here:

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