Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Travel Pass For Western Sydney

For many years I have thought a Western Travelpass should be available for less than a Purple. At least covering Macarthur to Granville, Emu Plains, and Richmond by rail and a wide variety of connecting buses. Could be good for coming election.


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  1. Yes I think thats a good idea. If we are going to serve the bulk of trips that people make in Western Sydney (75%), we need to be able to travel as easily between modes. For example many people have to pick up and drop children off as well as shop and go to work. We could estimate the trips needed and bundle them all in a Western Sydney Pass. They could be worked out according to the private bus regions. E.g. Region 4 would cover the hills area, region 13 would cover the South West and so on... The last response that I had when i asked the former director General Jim Glasson about why we dont have the zone based system operating is that private buses dont have the ticketing technology... so why not use a paper based ticket... the longer it takes the more people will say that using public transport in Western Sydney is just too hard, i'll buy a car instead.


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