Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bus Reform, Older People and Route 606 in Winston Hills

Many elderly folk live here in Winston Hills, -----all the people who live in woodbury Village---- also disabled people--- and the local school Winston Hills Primary has a unit for the intellectually impaired. Many of these children have to be travel trained, a task which requires a good bus service.

We depend on the buses to go to Parramatta and Castle Hill. At Parramatta we can get a train into town. The 606 used to go to Parramatta and Castle Hill. My dentist and Doctors are at Castle Hill. I could walk down to the bus shelter and get the bus.

Now I have to walk up HILLS to get to the bus to Parramatta and I am not able to walk up the many hills to Langden Road to get the T60. to Castle Hill.

Now we have THREE bus shelters in Winston Hills where NO bus picks up from. Everyone has to stand in all kinds of weather at the new bus stops with no bus shelters .

I am 74 and I have lived here since 1970. I and many other elderly folk would appreciate your help in this matter .We feel locked in. They say we should try and live independently in our own homes . I might add that I got no reply to my submission to the bus survey.

The people in the retirement village at Constitution Hill are very well catered for. They have their own Hills Bus service which goes into their village all day and late at night S8 ( I think it is called) They also have access to the 606 and the Tway buses. However all the elderly cannot afford to live in this retirement village.

Please consider us here in Winston Hills . WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP NOW.

Kind regards

Mrs W.

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  1. Its ridiculous in the year 2009 when we cannot cater for our elderly people who have made our area what it is today.

    Are we living in 2009 or going backward in time. Perhaps this is a cost cutting measure due to the global recession.

    It still does not aid the elderly who have chosen to live in their own homes.

    The government were provided with information and how it would affect people in the area and it feel on deaf ears.

    Action is what we require. ACTION for change.


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