Monday, May 4, 2009

Region 4 - Bus Services in NW Sydney May Be Changing

Region 4 Bus Network - Commencing 11 May 2009

The following is taken from the NSW Bus Network Review Website, about the new bus network for Region 4.

"After community consultation and an extensive review of region 4, a new bus network will be introduced on 11 May, 2009.

Region 4 is bounded by the Hawkesbury River to the north, by Galston and Berrilee to the east, Parramatta and Westmead to the south-east, Box Hill and Rouse Hill to the north-west and Blacktown and Girraween to the south-west.

Region 4 includes the regional city of Parramatta, the major centres of Blacktown, Castle Hill and Rouse Hill, as well as the specialised centres of Macquarie Park, Norwest and Westmead.

Bus services in Region 4 are operated by Hillsbus, operating under contract to the NSW Government. The Ministry of Transport manages and regulates the contracts in each region on behalf of the NSW Government.

Click Here for the final Region 4 - Network Map

Visit Network Review Website for more information on specific suburbs"

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  1. Well as if Hillsbus wasn't already the worst private bus company in the history of transport, it just decided to throw another whammy at those terribly unfortunate transport users of the North West / West suburbs. Now instead of taking me 1 hr and 45 mins to get to work (only a 25 min drive away) it will now take me 3.5 hrs, and when I finish my late shift at work (by late I mean a relatively early 8pm) I actually can't get home anymore. At all. And when, after a long long anticpated wait for the integrated northern line train system, which will mean trains a measly 15 mins apart instead of a whopping half an hr - even in peak hour, only (apparently a few months away), hills bus decide to send glenhaven buses to Parramatta station instead of Pennant Hills. And for such a major overhaul, you'd think we'd get months of posters and leaflets and timetables in buses??? No. I catch 3-4 hills bus buses on an average day and have not seen one sign. Well maybe a massive portion of the website devoted to the up and coming bus system? No, a tiny scrawl at the bottom of the page. Maybe if I select the date the new buses come in on 131 500 trip planner to see how the hell I'm gonna get to work? No. It tells me to catch the 636 which funny enough, won't EXIST on the 11 May. And how much warning do we get? (That is if you were lucky enough to find out!) 10 days. A media release 10 DAYS before a complete overhaul of the entire North west transit system. Onya hills bus.

  2. Hi Anonymous, it sounds like that you might not be the only person to be disadvantaged. Are you interested in taking this further, by contacting your local state member about your concerns?

  3. I am not impressed with the new bus timetables. This morning my son was left stranded at the bus stop, which we have used for over 10 years, without any way of getting to school. A tiny little sign notified him that "This bus stop is no longer in use". So where is the new bus stop and why weren't we consulted or notified of the changes. I have checked out the Hillsbus website today and rung to check what time the bus will arrive tomorrow only to find the website is wrong and the operator at Hillsbus told me there were at least a hundred mistakes on the timetable. It seems we weren't the only ones to be caught by surprise - there were 6-8 other students at the bus stop representing 3 different schools this morning. How did these children get to school?


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