Monday, March 30, 2009

Seniors welcome free travel in South Australia

National Seniors welcomes the South Australian government’s decision to offer free bus, tram and train travel to Seniors Card holders as of 1 July 2009. All Seniors Card holders will be able to travel free during 9.30am to 3pm on weekdays, all weekend and on public holidays.

National Seniors CEO Michael O’Neill said it was great news for the seniors of South Australia. “This is a great move by the Government to allow free transport to seniors and we think it’s something all State Governments should introduce,’’ he said. “The WA State Government also recently implemented a similar plan to offer free transport to WA seniors in off-peak periods so it looks like it’s gathering pace around the country.’’

O’Neill said the decision would help seniors to save money and also had environmental benefits. “It’s no secret that seniors are struggling under cost of living increases so depending on how much they travel, it could really help bring down their overall costs,’’ he said. “It will also attract more people to travel on public transport rather than in their cars, meaning fewer cars on the road which is good for the environment.’’

The move is expected to benefit around 275,000 Seniors Card holders at a cost of $10 million to the Government. Michael O’Neill is available for comment on 0448 125 898.

What are your thoughts on free travel? Maybe the NSW government might like to think about what our neighbors are doing in South Australia.

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