Thursday, March 26, 2009

No toilet for busy bus interchange

25/03/2009 4:00:00 AM
COMMUTERS caught short at the Liverpool bus interchange have a 10-minute scramble to a toilet.

The closest are at Liverpool station but are accessible only to train ticket holders.

The Liverpool Transport Taskforce community group, along with 12 others, is lobbying to have self-cleaning public toilets installed at the interchange which is used by about 8650 people daily.

Taskforce member George Smith, of Busby, said: ``It'd be good if they could do something about toilets while the repaving work is being done at the interchange at the moment.

``I had an experience here once when I needed to use the amenities and ended up having to walk to a nearby hotel. It's a very busy area and it inconveniences all residents who use the buses.''

Toilets were included in the original plans for the interchange but did not eventuate and became less a priority due to the Transport Ministry's Bus Review which recommended relocating shelters.

Mr Smith said his group would like to see self-cleaning public toilets, such as have been installed in various south-western suburbs, included in the interchange upgrading.

``It would be good if some sort of decision could be made in the next month or two.''

Source: Liverpool Champion

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