Monday, October 27, 2008

Private Buses get Weekly Bus Tickets

"From today (Wednesday, 1 October 2008) weekly bus tickets will start to become available on Sydney's private bus services in areas including Hurstville, Sutherland, Miranda, Liverpool, Bankstown, Parramatta, Penrith, Richmond, Blacktown, Bonnyrigg, Riverwood and Punchbowl.

Initially, those companies selling the tickets will be Veolia, Westbus, Hillsbus, Busways, Forest Coaches and Punchbowl Buses, with others to follow progressively.

Passengers will be able to purchase a seven day ticket from the bus driver that costs the equivalent of eight single tickets, similar to CityRail weekly tickets" (MOT media release).

What is your experience of using the weekly bus ticket? Let us know by posting a comment on the blog. Does your bus company sell weeklies? Or would you prefer a travel ten style ticket, which means you would get a discount of 20%, and be able to use the trips over a longer time period. In any event, its just a stop gap before integrated ticketing is introduced.


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