Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bus Changes in Penrith & Blacktown

Ministry of Transport are reviewing bus services in Blacktown / Penrith (Busways / Westbus). It is critical that your communities fill in the survey. Most likely the new recommendations will take 6-12 months to implement. Some services will be increased, some reduced and some taken removed. The general aim is to provide a better level of service for the majority of people in the community, better frequency of service, (the reasons are on the link below), but this could mean some people most likely will have to walk a bit further to get to their bus stop.

It’s really important that people know about the review, even if they don’t use buses at present, because they or a family member may need to access buses at some stage in their life. The link to the review is located at http://www.nswbusnetwork.com.au/index.php . Click on the region 1 Link.

There are three ways you can participate – via paper leaflet (which should be in your letter box), or answering the survey on the website above. You have until December 8 2008, to get your feedback into the Ministry. Ministry will be consulting with groups interested in the review. You can contact Jessica Lines Jessica.Lines@transport.nsw.gov.au for more information. It is more difficult to make changes to the proposed routes after this period.

Please let as many people as possible in Blacktown and Penrith, you should be getting these flyers in your letter box this week - so dont throw them out, send them back to the bus companies or the ministry of transport.

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