Monday, May 6, 2013

NOTICE: You Are Invited. Special General Meeting of the WSPTU, Sat, June 1st, 1pm

On Saturday June 1st at 1pm there will be a Special General Meeting of the Western Sydney Public Transport Users (WSPTU). At Level 4, 146 Marsden St, Parramatta.
Please RSVP to or leave a message at 9689 0114.
If you have been a regular participant in the WSPTU you will be eligible to vote on these matters. In the unlikely event of any dispute about who is eligible to vote, members present of the current WSPTU Steering Committee will adjudicate that.
Following the Special General Meeting will be our regular Policy Forum meeting to talk about happenings in public transport.
The purposes of the Special General Meeting are:
  1. To change the constitution to allow individuals to become members of the WSPTU
  2. To change the constitution to allow individuals, groups and organisations to become associate members of the WSPTU
  3. Elect the Steering Committee

To see more detail go here:

We are still drafting the rest of the changes but will publish them asap.

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