Saturday, November 17, 2012

Feedback From Busways - Re New Contracts Bus Region 1

We have feedback  from Busways about them taking over the entire region one - they discuss Mount Druitt - Penrith area. A lot of Mount Druitt commuter will be used to Busways and other from Mount Druitt to Penrith are to to Westbus Bus Services - it will be something to talk about as commuters find out:

Click here for the original response from Busways

Click Here for WSPTU's original blog on the new Bus Contracts


  1. Improve 795 Penrith to Warragamba the worst service 5 hour wait for a bus Westbus suck

  2. I agree 795 is the worst service.

  3. 795 is the worst especially were it takes an hour when it should only take 30 minutes.It doesn't go along the main road it cuts and goes to nepean shores were no one gets on.


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