Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WSPTU Steering Committee Supports Parramatta Sydney Light Rail/Metro Network

In a day of age where nothing seems possible - all of a sudden something could be possible whether it is in my lifetime or afterwards. This could take generations to implement - yet if it happens I know, as members of the WSPTU Steering Committee have supported an improved transport infrastructure that meets transport corridors that need to be properly linked. We that represent 14 LGA's of commuters that in looking to the futue will make life easier and better for others, as well as possible tourist attraction for moving peiople around, to common places.

So we do support this transport proposal improvement submitted by Parramatta City Council for  Light Rail/Metro Network catering for future of public transport.

7 December 2011

Parramatta City Council has raised the prospect of a Western Sydney light rail/metro network to service the transport needs of one of Australia’s fastest growing regions – Western Sydney.  
Council strongly believes that a light rail system, which is fully or heavily segregated from road traffic and pedestrians, unlike Melbourne’s tram system, would improve people’s access to heavy rail and jobs. It also has the potential to provide a fast, regular, clean public transport model for other centres as they grow.
Our preferred plan would see this light rail network focussed on a link to Castle Hill, utilising the Carlingford line and connecting to Macquarie Park.
This ‘north-south’ link would basically connect commuters in the Hills right through to Bankstown, with Parramatta being the central stop. The proposal would improve access to employment in Westmead, Parramatta CBD, Macquarie Park and the ‘Global Arc’ with links to the University of Western Sydney and Macquarie University.
It would also go a long way towards relieving congestion on our already over-burdened City services heavy rail network and main roads.
This plan, along with a proposal aimed at improving traffic flow around Parramatta, through a series of intersection upgrades along the M4, James Ruse Drive and Cumberland Highway, was outlined to Infrastructure NSW recently, and I’m confident that along with the State and Federal governments, we can work collaboratively to ensure our City is well-positioned to support NSW’s ‘engine room’ – Western Sydney.

Click for a further details from Parramatta CIty Council Re- Proposed Western Sydney Light Rail

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