Monday, August 15, 2011

WSPTU AGM on Saturday September 10.

This will be the first WSPTU AGM. We will be asking local groups to affiliate with the WSPTU and to put representatives on the Steering Committee and the Policy Forum. Local groups need to show that they really are a local group working on local residents issues, including transport. The office bearers for the Steering Committee will be decided at the first Steering Committee meeting. There are limits on the terms that a person can be an office bearer of the WSPTU so we need people to step up! At this stage there are no fees or charges for affiliating with the WSPTU.
For all the details look at the WSPTU constitution in the 'Who Is The WSPTU' section on this WSPTU blog. If you are interested to attend email or phone 0466 893 480 and leave a message.

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