Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Proposal To Improve Transport For South-West Sydney

Information from EcoTransit:

"Recently, EcoTransit Sydney and the Australian Conservation Foundation launched an initiative aimed at improving public transport access from South-West Sydney to Central and South-East Sydney.

These areas are major trip generators and include Sydney Airport, the Central Industrial Area (Botany and Mascot), and the educational and health precincts around UNSW and Prince of Wales Hospital. At the present time, for the overwhelming majority of people commuting to these destinations from Western and South-West Sydney, the only realistic option is to drive along the M5.

The Ecotransit and Australian Conservation Foundation plan covers a broad area of Sydney, and seeks to combine improvements to disparate public transport modes (heavy rail, light rail and cycling) with changes to transport policy (buying out the stations on the Airport Line). The outcome will be better transport options for people in South-West Sydney at a fraction of the cost of the M5 Extension. (And it ticks the boxes for addressing Climate Change and Peak Oil.)"

To see the full plan click below:

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  1. It doesn't matter how much it costs, Sydney NEEDS its rail transport to be vastly improved. Add new lines to the system to include more of south and western Sydney in the system: even if it means putting the new lines in tunnels.


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