Monday, September 20, 2010

New 'Guardian' Services for Security on Late-night Trains

People that WSPTU members talk to, particularly young people and older people, report that security is an important issue for them - that they feel safe on public transport. Members have made the point that they would rather see the Transit Officers doing more work on keeping people safe than checking tickets.

For these reasons, it is good to see this new announcement for Guardian Services for late night trains announced by the Minister for Transport.

Click on the link for the full information about the service:

Unfortunately, it's a very limited service covering only one or two trains on a Friday or Saturday night. Ideally all late-night trains should have systems in place to ensure security for the passengers. But this is a start and hopefully, if it gets positive feedback from customers, will be extended in the future.

Here are some comments from the Minister:

“Specific Friday and Saturday night train services will be identified as Guardian services based on customer feedback about when they are most likely to be utilised for late night journeys home from the city.

“Guardian services will be marked with a 'G' on the timetable online.

“These specific services are what people have identified as the most suitable – but CityRail will consider altering them if it receives feedback from the community.

“One service a night for each line will be earmarked as ‘Guardian’ to ensure other services continue to have a strong security presence too.

“In addition to the Guardian services, CityRail staff and security guards will be present at Hub stations along each line each Friday and Saturday night when the services arrive. These stations – which will be main stations or interchanges – will be convenient drop-off and collection points for customers who use the Guardian service."

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