Friday, July 23, 2010

New Metrobus Network - including Western Sydney

Metrobuses are a new idea for the way in which bus services are designed and delivered. The buses themselves are branded differently, by being painted bright red and labelled as Metrobus, they are often bigger, extended buses, high frequency (therefore no timetable needed) and the routes are designed differently.

Unlike the traditional design for suburban bus routes, the Metrobus routes traverse across a number of popular areas and centres. The traditional style routes tend to work on a 'radial' design, where they start in a quiet, residential area and head into a busy centre, for example a train station or shopping centre, where they terminate.

The Metrobus network has been trialled and introduced in Eastern Sydney since 2008. You can find information about them on 131500 click here

Here is a map of the proposed new Metrobus routes click here

It appears that the new Metrobus network has great potential to provide a quality service on the important north-south connections that Greater Western Sydney really needs and that people have been calling for, for a long time.

Here is an excerpt from the Minister's Media Release:

The Metrobus network will be expanded across Sydney, with the number of routes increasing from five to 13 and the first new service starting in less than three weeks.

Eight extra Metrobus routes will be rolled out over the coming 12 months, providing 400,000 additional bus passenger spaces a week.

The expanded network will reach:
• Parramatta, Bankstown and Liverpool in the west;
• Hornsby in the north;
• Castle Hill and Baulkham Hills in the north west; and
• Hurstville and Sutherland Shire in the South.

Metrobuses run seven days a week, with a 10 minute frequency during peak periods, every 15 minutes during the weekday off-peak, and 20 minutes in the evening and on weekends.

Around 380 bus drivers will be rostered on each weekday to run services across the expanded 13 route Metrobus network by the middle of next year.

More than 4.5 million passengers caught a Metrobus since the services were introduced by the State Government in late 2008.

For the full media release click here


  1. Posted for Action For Public Transport.

    Dear Mr. Turnbull,

    Thank you for linking population density and improved public transport in your Sydney Morning Herald column of 23 July 2010. We wrote to the editor in support (copy below), drawing attention to the way in which state politics undermines better public transport in Sydney. The editor did not publish our letter. We provide it for your information.

    Dear Sir,

    We probably all benefit now that Malcolm Turnbull has reverted to being just a local MP, where he can more readily express his wisdom, as he did yesterday on urban density and the paucity of Sydney's public transport ("Before we bring in the masses, we need the transit", Herald July 23).

    The state government will challenge him, of course, citing for example the eight additional "Metrobus" routes to be introduced before the March 2011 election (Herald, July 21). Again, however, an innovative service improvement is to be compromised by political imperatives. In the rush to implement the new buses, the iconic features which initially distinguished Metrobus (faster travel using pre-paid fares and traffic light priority, quality on-board information......) have been, and will further be, compromised. The public interest would have been better served by a more measured roll-out of new Metrobus services, retaining the simplicity and uniqueness of a superior service.

    For those considering alternatives to the private car, Sydney's bus network is about to become even more confusing than it now is, and all because of politics.

    Yours sincerely, etc.


    Kevin Eadie
    Action for Public Transport (NSW)
    PO Box K606
    Haymarket NSW 1240

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