Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Performance Audit of Bus Services 2010

The 2004 Review of Bus Services in NSW always envisaged that there would be a transition period as the new bus contracts were introduced. NSWTI has developed and implemented the new arrangements, and pursued a range of new initiatives including the network improvement program, strategic corridors and uniform bus fares and concessions.
The new contracts provided for a performance management regime to hold operators accountable. But this is still being developed four years after the bus contracts came into effect and it remains unproven as a basis for ensuring value for money from the contracts - each of which guarantees monopoly rights to the operators.
(page 2)

These are the questions the NSW Auditor General asks:
* How do the bus contracts work?
* Have clear performance objectives been set?
* Is operator performance closely monitored?
* Is performance information accurate and timely?
* Is action taken to correct any deficiencies?

For people interested in the service coverge of bus services there is a fantastic chart in Appendix 3 on page 28. This shows that, in the six regions in Western Sydney (Regions 1,2,3,4,13,15), between 69% and 90% of people live within 400m of a public transport route.

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