Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Video From People Wanting The 552 Bus in North Parramatta

In 2008 the Bus Network Review removed the bus from Prince and Bellevue Streets in Oatlands and North Parramatta. Local people lobbied hard to get the bus back. The bus was returned to Prince St on a trial basis but was never restored to Bellevue St. Local people are still working to get the bus back into Bellevue St and confirmed as a permanent service so that they can all get into Parramatta. This video tells that story.

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  1. A very graphic example of the impact of taking away local routes and failing to consider the impact on locals.

    Especially useful to see how difficult it is to cross the road, the lack of a shelter, and the lack of footpaths. This is a result of poor communication and planning between the State Government, bus company, roads department and local government - all of whom have a role to play in making it easier for people to catch buses in this instance.

    Well done ladies!


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