Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rail Prices On The Wrong Track - APT

Action For Public Transport (APT) has released an analysis of the rail fare increases that are about to happen and developed a strong argument about how public transport ticketing needs to be changed to a zone/time based system.

"From 1st January 2010," said Mr Miles, a spokesman for APT, "Sydney will be the only capital in Australia where you can still buy a train ticket for suburban travel. Everywhere else," said Mr Miles, "passengers just buy a zone ticket for use on any tram, train, bus or ferry."

APT also question the role of IPART in the price rise process.

Mr Miles said that IPART is more concerned with whether its actions will drive away existing passengers rather than finding a price structure that will attract new ones.

"The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) has stuck doggedly to its cost accountant's approach," Mr Miles said, "and has ignored or over-ruled calls for a broader approach to pricing public transport."

APT also provide some handy advice for commuters.

Mr Miles said that users of weekly TravelPasses can still make savings by stocking up now. "The price of these tickets does not increase until 3rd January," he said, "but undated tickets bought now can be used at any time in the future".

In their release they also provide a breakdown of all the price increases.

To see the full release click here: Action For Public Transport

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