Monday, October 19, 2009

Positive Response To The Bus Timetable Changes In Penrith

From a WSPTU blog reader:

I'd just like to add a positive comment about the new bus timetable.

From my perspective, there's a definite improvement in service over past years. The 774, 775 and 776 buses travel from Penrith down Derby St, past Nepean Hospital, UWS and to St Marys before they take different routes to Mt Druitt.

For anyone living along the main route between Penrith and St Marys we now have a bus every 10-15 minutes (certainly no more than 20 minutes between buses) from just after 5am to after 11am Mondays to Fridays and at least every 20 minutes on weekends. It's certainly every 10 minutes in peak hours - no need for looking at bus timetables here. The frequency does diminish after 9.15pm (half hourly), but hey, we've still got buses till just after 11pm. It's certainly an improvement over the last bus leaving just after 8pm.

Having said that, I am disappointed that the 790 has disappeared - it's replacement, the 770, isn't quite as good for me. But a slightly longer walk will take me to a very frequent service, so I'm hardly in a position to complain too much.

This frequency and span of hours is something that ALL the bus routes should have. I'm just lucky to live close to a good one (and I'm very grateful).

I can't comment on the trains and the links between trains and buses (something which is critical), as I don't catch trains often, but I thought that positive news on bus timetables should be mentioned.

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