Monday, August 24, 2009

Snap Strike Strands Western Sydney Commuters

Courtesy of ABC Online
Posted 8 hours 41 minutes ago
Updated 8 hours 18 minutes ago

About 130 drivers are taking part in the action. (ABC News: Giulio Saggin, file photo)

About 130 private bus drivers have walked off the job this morning stranding thousands of school children and commuters in western Sydney.

BusWays says drivers at its Blacktown depot called a snap strike over a dispute about the introduction of new timetables.

The Transport Workers Union's Darcy Waller says the drivers are worried that they will not work.

"Theyre'll be a lack of running time, a lack of turn around time, that will affect the connection of buses from one route to another," he said.

"It will also affect the amount of time drivers will spend behind the wheel without a break."

The company says it is seeking a hearing in the Industrial Relations Commission.

BusWays Regional Operations Manager, Brett Thompson, says its services will be off the road until the drivers return to work.

"At our peak in the mornings we have about 80 buses carrying about five or six thousand school kids maybe more probably the same in commuters, " he said.

"It is a very effective strike where it's inconveniencing a lot of people."

Busways can be contacted from their website:

WSPTU Comment:

It seems that the Bus Network Review maybe not that popular with drivers, and will be implemented at some point in the very near future. Lets just hope that common sense prevails and that the NSW Ministry of Transport is able to advise school children and bus riders of the change in timetable and routes before they change them.

Were you inconvenienced by todays strike?

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