Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Need Motivated Public Transport Users

We are looking for people to help form a foundation committee for a Western Sydney public transport users association. We are using the Melbourne PTUA as inspiration (see link on the menu to the right on this page).

We need people who are:
· Regular public transport users
· Live or work in Western Sydney
· Are skilled and motivated to create the new governance committee

We are looking for people from across all of Western Sydney.

We are not looking for representatives of agencies or organisations unless they are also Western Sydney public transport users who want to represent themselves.

As soon as practical, we will be creating local groups to work on local ‘issues’. We will then try to build a set of transport recommendations that are important for all of Western Sydney.

We are looking to create an organisation that is devoted solely to looking after the interests of Western Sydney public transport users.

Western Sydney Community Forum is supporting the formation of the organisation. If you have an interest in this, or want to recommend someone, please contact Hugh (Ph: 9633 5068, ) or Paul (Ph: 9687 8937, ).

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